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Midgett’s Reading Room will be transitioning to focus more on inspirational and erotic pieces.

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“Want to share your thoughts? There will be an advice column in Midgett’s Corner. No! I am not a therapist, psychiatrist or psychologist. I am Just one person to another sharing and caring.

Welcome to the reading room. Come! Sit down!

Relax and meet me first. Then enjoy the pre readings.

I am a Leo, and extrovert. Life is too short to be a grouch. My name is Mary Aleatha Midgett. Mary was a virgin, I am not.

Dad married mom. Midgett was his last name. I attended catholic school in Boston, there was always five Mary’s in each of my classroom.

When I joined the WAC, Women’s Army Corp” in 1956 after high school all were called by our last name. I never changed mine even when I married twice.

You and I will be sharing this space together. I by introducing myself to you and my writing. Some pieces might encourage you to write.

My life experiences validate some of my response to you from a psychological or therapeutic perspective. Also, an awareness of the human conditions we experience from others or ourselves.

Birth date August 4, 1936.  Boston, mass. Mother was the catalyst of my journey. I left home at the age of 19 and joined the WAC.  Prior to that Mother ruled my world and my three brother’s I was the third child and only daughter.

With my normal teen issues with mom, she was the best.  Mother was a no-nonsense woman. Her Birthplace was Trinidad British West Indies.  She arrived in Boston at the age of 12 years and did not speak English, only French. She stood 5 feet, dad 5.1. I thought they were giants. I took the strength of Mother and personality of dad.

The following experiences will give you some insight of my continuing journey in Midgett’s Reading Room which I will continue sharing. My plan is to live to be 100. That is my verbal expression between me and my wonderful Doctor. My son told me he got this idea from me. Always ask your doctor if they like their profession, if their response is yes, then you know you have a winner. Someone who cares about you. My Doctor is a gem. 

Following my discharge from the Women’s Army Corp for three years and returning from Frankfurt Germany.

Two marriage followed. First one fun but deceased. One son. Second marriage. Abusive. bipolar, schizophrenia which I was not aware. daughter, 3 stepchildren. The children were the best years of my life. I Lived in Manhattan, New York City for fourteen years. I Arrived in San Francisco after a divorced. Bringing my two birth children with me to San Francisco. My first job teaching job was at Booker T Washington school center from 1974 -1978. Then the San Francisco Unified School district from 1978 – 2018.

Education:  Bachelor of Science in Communication and education. Teaching career: New York City 1970.  Relocated to San Francisco in 1974.

Teaching experiences: 1970 – present. Preschool to elementary. Counseling experience: pregnant teens. Adolescent treatment center for boys and girls. Mother infant program for incarcerated women living in residential housing. Residential living for men and women ages 19 to seniors. Bipolar, schizophrenia, alcoholics, substances abusers.

Presenter: San Francisco State University, Demystifying Homosexuality in the San Francisco Police Department, San Francisco High school in and out of the bay areas.

Workshop presenter: Parenting:  Human relationship: family, Sensuality/sexuality.

Accolades: 2015 Gay day Freedom award. 2006 WISE Women Incentive for employment. 2018 Women success award. View YouTube: Older black women issues. Mary Midgett on the internet

There will be comments and question piece that will be helpful to question your friendships. The validity of those friendships.

 These short stories and poems will have comments and question at the end of them They are to encourage women to know more about their bodies, sexual needs to help them reflect and compose their erotic thoughts. You need to add more flavor to your sexuality and not just stick with the same old habits.

These stories can inspire your own fantasies, which can be acted out with a willing partner or performed on yourself while a partner observes. Voyeurism (watching)

Not discounting the missionary position, but variety can be the spice of your life. The stories are just some examples to get your creative juices flowing. Write your own fantasies and send them to your partner or an interesting potential. Would you agree sex is good for the soul?

 Information and words to stimulate a conversation between two partners or potential ones. Which might be helpful towards some possible changes. An example, have you included play dates if your married with children? Which is one of the suggestions.

 Or looking at finances, sexuality compatibility. Comments and questions are eye openers helping the couples to look closer at their relationship. Which might need some re-evaluation.

Some articles that help you challenge your daily living. Writing pieces on ageing and how it is viewed from my 84-year-old perspective Other information on health, family, or other interest. Sometimes questioning yourself “Why do I get up in the morning” No matter what age you are.

These short stories and poem are to enhance your relationships with descriptive sex techniques and questions provided to stimulate your erotic zones. The stories are to help men and women to know more about the bodies and sexual needs. Reflect and compose their erotic thoughts.  Masturbation never killed man or women.

How many of you had fantasies and wanted to bring them to reality but were afraid someone would think you were kinky, nymphomaniac, lesbian, gay s or desperate for sex?

What is fantasy if reality is not anticipated? We now have access to words that best describe us as lover of erotic thoughts, action in their entirety as women. Men and women can get on the top of their game. And women’s sexual behavior as queens in the stature of erotica. The stories are candid, imaginative and poetically graphic. Space with questions and comments after each piece suggestive aids for your creative inspirational writing expression on paper. The stories are fictional but definitely good conversation pieces.

The writings are for the matured men and women and all sexual persuasion. Some of Websters definition of quick rapid, speedy easily aroused in sexual terms it means a quick fuck or erotic fix. These short stores can be used as a stimulant to sexual activities or bedtime reading in anticipation of playtime in your sexual arena.  The bedroom, tabletops, grocery stores, sending an erotic e-mail or during your morning ritual. Which is the name of one of the 15 erotic stories and poems in this book.

Pieces and information on parenting

How old are you? How many siblings in your home? Did you have to care for them? Did that turn you off from having children. Did you want to parent alone or with a partner? Why do you want to become a parent?

This is my response when I am asked that question, “I had a great childhood and I wanted to share those fun times with us together”.

Yes! I enjoy all the pieces and stories I created. None are from personal experiences. Having a vivid imagination, I became a phone sex fantasy operator. 😊

I will continue writing for our and I say our because I enjoy writing and reading what I wrote. Some will cross gender lines. The erotic stories will be explicit, mellow, exhilarating, heartwarming, dramatic, silly intriguing sad or moving. Others vividly told, compelling or captivating. Whatever floats your boat?  Some of the following pieces might be a follow up of articles or continue as episodes.

I penned Inspirational pieces for the local newspaper called the western edition newspaper for 11 years on a variety of issues.

I am still on my journey and here are some of my life learnings to date.

Am I old or older? I am older and not afraid of aging.  Are you middle age? As you age do you feel differently and more excepting? I hope so because if you do not have the money to change the process or a doctor to sit and tell him “you are needing therapy to get over it” Then you are in bad shape. Maybe there are body parts you do not like. When I saw mine change, I must admit there was some shocks.

I am now employed since covid 19 five days a week in San Francisco as a substitute teacher in a non- profit organization since March 20, 2019. The 6-8 hours vary with assignment.

MIDGETTS’ READING ROOM is making me happy. Remember I am extrovert.

I question what does retirement mean to me, what lifestyle will I take on? To date, writing, writing and more writing. Yes! I will have brunch dates with my buds. Also take mini vacations with my family, do e-mails to my friends and enjoy my life as a human being who loves life.

In the morning I do a good stretch when I awaken. Then 20 feet lifts. My goal is 25 in 6 months. I only get a chance to walk on weekends or when I am not working.

Breakfast is always first on the agenda: Oatmeal. Although it has a large amount of protein, I guess one could say I OD on protein because I also use 2 tablespoons of flax which also has protein. I top the oatmeal with a variety of cut up fruits.  Raisins of some form of berries. Lunch I usually eat at the sites. So, I eat exceptionally light dinners with a glass of red wine.

To date this is how the journey is moving and I do not see any major changes soon. Why? because I feel as though I have lived a great life and now doing what I enjoy which is all that I named above. So apart from the above here are the following activities that gives me pleasure. Reading: Patterson, Ms. Steele, Dr Ruth K Westheimer, Female ejaculation THE G-SPOT, Deborah Sundahl.  5 Love Languages, E. Lynn Harris, The first 100 years the Delaney sisters. Dr. Phill, Zane, the sex chronicles, Gail Sheehy, Mary B. Morrison, Joel Osteen, Rhys Bowen, The New Yorker, Writers Digest. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome by Dr. Joy DeGruy, Brenda Jackson, Perry Mason to name a few.

I rarely watch television and when I do it is ION or the oldies. Free movies on my computer occasionally on the weekend. I listen to KBLX at 06:00. Then KGO.SF the talk show when I returned from work or Saturday or Sunday morning. Prior to the Pandemic, although I always loved my living space the following are my outdoor special times with myself or friends.  The movies almost every Sunday and ate at my favorite restaurants later. That was my alone time. Theatre and attend any new show that came to town. I went to my favorite coffee shop across the street sometimes during the week. After living in my space for 29 years I knew everyone in the coffee shop. That was where I did my writing. Some shopping sprees in San Francisco or short trips to Los Angeles with my son. One of my favorite spaces to shop and eat. Staying at a hotel is always a favorite. I had two best friends whom I would visit. The following I did with friends. Theatre, restaurants,


This is about you.

Smile, how does it make you feel?

This is a good and great way to get started. Three things that will give you food for thought for a day. Attitude, physically awareness and accomplishment for the day.


In psychology today’s survey the following reasons were given for friendships ending, cooling off, or otherwise shifting. The most frequently checked reasons in order, were: One of us moved, I felt that my friend betrayed me. We discovered that we had some different views on issues that are important to me. One of us got married, my friend became involved with a married man. Political views were different. One of us became much richer and a friend borrowed money from me and didn’t repay me

Parenting: What does this word mean to you? Do you want children? Babysitting issues? Co parent? Single parenting? As a human being does that mean you are supposed to have children. Does society dictate your thought about the issue?

 Relationships. What kind of relationship do you have? An intimate one, partner, domineering, loving, Do I love to be love? Am I romantic? What qualities do I need to have to be in a relationship?

Sensuality/Sexuality: Being touched in a sexual manner can be enticing and lead to “fun” Wherever you want it to be. Can you still get your groove on? Why not? Can you ask for what you want?

Aging: Aging will not be a depressing topic in the reading room but a process. I am 85 and I’m not going downhill. My journey has been fun, no not all the time but I made sure I was not going to leave here when it was my time to have a ball. This anti-aging “stuff” that you hear on tv is a bunch of bull. We all will transition so read helpful information.

Erotic stories to get your grove on. Some will be continued in episodes or the full story.  

New York Flavor:

The Dinner.

The phone rings. I am in the kitchen skinning and boning chicken for dinner. I stop what I am doing and wash my hands. Put the phone to my ear. A familiar voice says, “How are you doing?” “Missing you, my honey.” …………continued in episodes.

The skirt.

I call my skirt “the pickings.” Get a pattern for a wrap around skirt that has pockets. Do not sew the pockets closed, leave the holes vacant. Because you will not be wearing panties, use colors that make you feel sexy and material that is soft to your skin and his touch…………Continue in episodes.

A friend is a present you give yourself.

Robert Louis Stevenson

 A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

Walter Winchell. Newspaper columnist.

Every good thought you think is contributing its share to the ultimate result of your life.

Grenville Kleiser

People living deeply have no fear of death.

Anais Nin

Control your thoughts or they will control you.

Pursue the dream you have kept locked up inside.

Fear is manmade. Affirmation, I love me.

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