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Live your dreams for the New Year and the New You!

2022 is around the corner. I want to take the time to review some of the articles and see what impact they had on your life towards living your dream or making some changes for the coming year.

Relationships: Relationships are works in progress and affect our daily lives even though some of the situations can be periodically while others may be sporadic. Example, a relationship with neighbor’s, bankers, family and friends crosses your path daily. How do they affect your life?

How many of us think about flowers except on Valentines or Mother’s Day? How often do you give yourself a gift, a flower?

Our relationships with literature and words: The experiences in our lives often come to fruition in many ways through our thoughts, especially when those thoughts are transformed into words.

Words and literature first impacted my life at the age of 9 while living in Boston, Massachusetts. That is when I saw the first copy of Ebony. My mother and I read it together. Reading the articles and viewing the pictures how people lived in Southern states urged me to want to travel.

Choices: I read a 373-page book in August 1978 entitle “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World” by Harry Browne published 1974. I extracted two words from the book: alternative and consequences. Those words challenged me. The words helped me to realize a career change needed my attention. The book suggested I could have an alternative to the lifestyle I was living and freedom without having to change the world or the people around me.

Parenting: As a parent, retired schoolteacher who continues to sub in the San Francisco School district I don’t profess to be an authority on the subject. Yet using common sense and saying no to my children kept them on the right track. They both have reached ages 42 and 46 and neither are on drugs nor have been incarcerated. The grand and great grandchildren who range in ages 10- 25 so far are blowing their own horns.

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